Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Kidlington

Music at St Mary's

The Organ

In the early 19th century, singing in St Mary's was accompanied by a band of instrumentalists. In 1836 the church had a barrel organ installed -- an example of this type of instrument remains in the nearby church of St Giles in Hampton Gay ( NPOR D01146). It was replaced in 1888 by a conventional organ, built by Father Willis ( NPOR N09520 ) and placed in the North Transept.

It was radically rebuilt ( NPOR K00214 ) in 1976 by Richard Vendome and Paul Hale (then former organ scholars in Oxford) with the assistance of a group of volunteers from the church and technical input from Grant, Degens and Bradbeer, organ builders. Much of the Willis wooden pipework was reused. Manual and pedal action is tracker, and the stop action is mechanical to manuals, and electric to pedals. The case is taken from a mid 15th cent design.

A journal article about the design and construction of the organ is here.


Great (Man I) Principal 8
Chimney Flute 8
Octave 4
Nason Flute 4
Principal 2
Sesquialtera II (12-17)
Mixture IV-V
Trumpet (en chamade)  8

Positive (Man II)   Bourdon 8
Stopped Flute 4
Gemshorn 2
Cymbel III
Dulzian 8

Pedal Sub Bass 16
Principal 8
Octave 4
Quint 2 2/3
Mixture III
Septima 4 4/7
Bombarde 16

Tremulant to Man I,II
Couplers II-I,I-P,II-P